Getting Launched

The Big Intro
I’ve been collecting notes on my current software projects for some tmie and have realized it’s time to start collectiong the tidbits into a Blog for eventual submission to Software Development or MSDN for publication.
The most interesting thing about me is that I make a living doing some as frustrating as potty training a stubborn, literate, and smart 3 yr old – I manage non-traditional programers.
You may ask yourself just what does that mean?  After all – many manage (or try) programmers, and many in education talk about managing students, but this?
By day, I manage several teams of students who are employed as professional programmers working on commercial grade software for the State of Texas and the US EPA.   In the evening I manager a smaller team of ultra skilled game programmers working on the Computer Harpoon products.
Everyone works part time or contract.  One team is located at TAMU, the other is spread all over the world.  Projects are usually less than 5,000 staff hours in scope and are supposed to be less than 1 yr in duration.
So it is with this jump off that I’ll start adding my observations about how to manage this very non-traditional setup – and the possible applications to traditional software development teams.

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