Learning Curves

Today I find myself w two new tools… a Cingular 8120 Windows Mobile 5 Cell Phone and an installed version of MS Team System Foundation Server.
I’ve mastered most of the nice features of the Cell phone in about 24 hrs, everything except speed dialing, but I’m getting closer.  I still need to setup the voice tags, a feature i used quite a bit on my last phone a Nokia.  The web browsing capability is cute, and in a pinch will be used – but not on the Cingular network – rather via the built in WiFi! 
As far as TFS is concerned, I’ve been playing with the tool since Beta 1 and now that it is running on Iron (vs Virtual Server) I can see it is fast enough to get some work done.  I’ve installed the Team Explorer and have started our first project.  I have some spreadsheet based tasking I’m going to try to import into the system.
My current concerns are as follows:
1. We have two client VSTS licenses – so we have 5, maybe 10 licenses to the back end. Problem is I have 6 coders working on the trial project.
2. I thought (?) that you could use either Config Mgmt system (VSS or VSTS) with this but it’s starting to look grim for VSS.  The new VSS is quite nice, fast, easy, solid.  And we have enough licenses to use it.  We don’t have enough for using the VSTS material…..  I’m going to research this further as well as see if we can possibly do just one module in VSTS as our experiment.

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