More on the Cingular 8125

Issues I’m having with this neat system:
  1. Wifi – It seems to work when it wants to.  I think part of the problem is wetware (isn’t it always?) related to the two WiFi modes – inside a firewall (WORK) and outside of a firewall (Internet).  Of course at TAMU the Wifi requires VPN to access anything so I’m still fighting with that setup.  I have also noticed that while it can find signals as well as the Intel chip in my Dell D600… it can’t lock on as easily.  It worked at home and it worked at Barnes & Noble, but not at 2 coffee shops nor a public school
  2. Tendancy to use the Cingular data connection: By the time I figured out how to turn this off I used up about a meg of bandwidth – that I’m not paying for.  Cingular was very very cool about it and put a blick on the account.
  3. The screen – I went ahead and ordered a screen protector kit ($13) along with a 1/2 GB Mini SD card.  BTW: Mini SD is NOT the same as Micro SD.  Buyer beware.
  4. I was having an issue with the system telling me that I’ve run out of space (and the system tools clearly showed I had).  It took me a while to find out why – my original ActiveSync pulled down some media from my Laptop!  30mb worth!  DOH!  .  Here is the killer on this – the File Manager has a Search link (also a stand alone Program Icon).  it has a Search for files larger than 64k.  It doesn’t include MEDIA files in that search.  That’s begging for a hack.
  5. Things I wish I had:  Switcher – old old old Mac hands will remember this from Mac OS 3-5.  Basically a Mobile 5 version of Task Manager combined.  As it is now you have to drill down to Settings:Memory to see what is running.  It seems when you OK out of something it is still running.  How much RAM it takes is a guess to me at this point.  I’m begging for an app to handle that.  If I weren’t also trying to ship 3  versions of Harpoon I’d make that my learning curve come-back programming project
  6. Battery life is so-so.  But I’ve not drained it 3 times yet (bad Don).  We’ll see.  In June the battery is MUCH better – w/o WiFi I get a week with modest talk time.
  7. Camera – man oh man – even w my bifocals – I can’t read the controls on the screen.  That’s something I’ll be digging into the manual for.  Too easy to scratch the lens.
  8. Speaking of manuals and help – there is a lot of wasted bytes in this regard.  All of that wording and yet no where can I find a description of the seven different NIC’s listed in the configuration.  What’s that about?
  9. When you do a new appt you must use the touch screen to access the subject line and to set the time for the appointment if you start in portrait mode and then switch to landscape (i.e. you pull out the keybaord)

  10. You can’t see the keyboard numbers easily to dial in bright light and you can’t use the touch screen either.  There is no CAPS mode indicator on the screen so you don’t know when you’ve hit the little orange key once too many times (thus being in CAPS LOCK).

  11. Sync could be a LOT better – Palm certainly leads in this area.  Even when I use USB (vs IR) I have issues with Media files, and duplication of content between the PC and the 8125



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