Nero >> Roxio but neither is effective or friendly

Ah the pain that drives a blogger to blog….
I’ve started the process of ripping my vinyl collection to digital format.  I’ve researched the process and equipment and have established a quality connection between vinyl and my Firewire external drive.  The weak spots are two fold
1. Nero Deluxe v9.0
2. Me
It seems that the Nero documentation is incomplete, grossly so.  It appears that I’m just not cut out to be a Sound Engineer, just a Software Engineer.  Nero’s design seems to be either "we know this don’t you?" and "use the wizard, do not deviate".  Great….
My issue is in cleaning up tracks on an album side.  Going back and forth between the "SoundTrax" and the "Wave Editor" appears to be point and click easy going "down" but coming back up you have to go through some manual steps to delete the old track, and then manually insert the cleaned up one.  So much for integreated sound editing
Then there are the problems of labeling.  Seems that in Soundtrax there are two ways to label a track.  Don’t ask me what the difference is – I can’t find anything on it in the documentation.
Oh, and in case you don’t know, the docs must be downloaded seprately, and in my case, they don’t install as immediately useable by the software.  You have to hunt them down and manually access them. 
I tried to buy a 3rd party book on Nero, all I could find is The Book of Nero 6 by Wallace Wang.  It stinks.  Really, it basically goes through the top level of menus, the "happy path" as we say in SE, and that’s it.
Of course, this could be me. 
FRUSTRATION – a constant reminder on how NOT to do my software….

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