Scared to death

I finally was able to pry a Dell Celeron 400 from my wife’s hands and upgrade her to a 1.2Ghz AMD with RAID 1 drives and Windows XP.  Yes, this was my old system, but it sure is an improvement over what she had. In keeping with the improved security, I took it upon myself to try out XP’s encryption
Seemed ok, seemed secure.  However, I must have been talking in class when the system allegedily warned me that I had better do some safekeeping and create a 2nd Admin level account on my system as well as export my encyption key.
Welll I left the system doing some Norton SpeedDisk and my BOINC froze, took out Norton, and that in turn, took out my XP Profile.  Of course your Profile contains elements used to generate/store your certificate for encryption.  Oh no!
The solution ended up being SystemRestore (the one done this morning worked, the two prior ones didn’t) and all is well.  I un-encrypted the files and then tried to Ghost the drives to my WD 250gb FirewWire backup drive (yes, while I do have RAID 1 on this box, I like having a Ghost image and sometimes I even Ghost to DVD!).   Turns out Ghost won’t run anymore.  Considering the issues I have with Norton on my son’s profile on this box – I decided to uninstall it and do a quick ZIP to the external drive and some selected CD backups.
Tomorrow I’ll do a re-install – thus fixing both backup and my son’s issues, then Ghost to the external drive and then Ghost again to a set of DVD’s – which will join the January set at the Office.
Moral of the story – you still aren’t backing up enough, Encyption is really for anal people, and sometimes you get damn luckly

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