That thing on my belt – again

I’ve been collecting my comments about this 8125 and was quite hopeful after reading about HTC in Business Week last spring.  I wrote them offering my feedback.  After all, they are so very customer centric … yeah right.  I tried to contact them and to point out that I am somewhat different than the unwashed masses (you are too if you are reading this).  Alas – no reply.
Meantime – I’ve come up with a cute name for these beasts:
and in case they wack my input:
Camera Phone Digital Assistant
You read it here first!!!!

One Response to That thing on my belt – again

  1. Sue says:

    Sorry no one got back to you from HTC.   Did you contact the HTC America or Taiwan?   Regardless, wanted to point you to the because you may find some answers or help there.   I will pass along your feedback on the 8125. 

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