Updating the thing on my belt

Well, I finally made enough time to dig deep enough to find many many updates have been published for my HTC Wizard (aka Cingular 8125).  I made my backup of my core data and let loose the upgrade.
First time failed, but the system recovered very gracefully.  Second tmie worked fine.
Here is what I discovered:
  • I don’t know how to backup my speed dialing or voice tags – bummer
  • That the communications manager is an improvement
  • That the call quality is better (I have no idea why – unless that radio is really a software radio)
  • That the WiFi works better – except if your AP’s happen to be a certain type of Cisco router – in which case you are screwed.  I have been told there is a 3rd party app that will do the trick but have yet to find it.
I’ve also upgraded to ActiveSync 4.2 and that seems to work better.
Reconciling conflicts and controlling media d/l were my biggest beefs on that – I only use IR and USB for my syncs.
I do not pay for the data service – but that’s because I don’t want to become one of those distracted folks always playing with their email.  I was able to retire my last Palm and Nokia with this device and that makes me happy.
Oh, I do recommend you purchase the screen savers – they are expensive for plastic, but cheap when you consider what they protect!

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