Being Wednesday I’m being a bit introspective as I soak up the following events:
1. Bought a Hybrid
2. My Harpoon 3 team thinks they may have an RC tonight for Matrix Games to post for the Harpoon 3 ANW customers.
3. My ESL Team just allowed me to demo a massive rewrite of our C3 product based on the fact that I had to step up and accept the fact that we weren’t delivering a decent software product back in September.    The productivity of Test Driven Development and the re-org on the team have been phenominal. Oh, and my bosses, after 3 years, just discovered I can do great presentations (of course working software helps!).
4. The same team just requested using Trac’s Wiki and Milestones vs the MediaWiki we’ve been using for several years.
5. I’m really really really getting into Highsmith’s book on Agile Project Management.  While I actually finished reading it on the plane back from DC (where I spoke at the Serious Games Conference) I realized that ALL OF THE ABOVE ITEMS necessitated my RE-READING the book with a hi-lighter in hand.
6. I am going to be hard pressed to choose my next read – Agile Documentation or Software Engineering Economics.  I’m such a geek
7. Our Harpoon Commander’s Edition product (formerly known as Harpoon Classic) is basically done, we are just working on updating sound and graphics.

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