Serious Games – Has the Balloon Been Burst?

I am a hopeless game player, all my life I’ve played games and my obsession became worse when a friend introduced me to France 1940 by Avalon Hill Games (this was in the 7th or 8th grade so I was about 13). In High School there was "Dungeon" on the Houston ISD Mainframe, and when my dad purchased an Apple ][ – it was all over! I played Wizardry and some arcade game that I mastered at the level of Elton John’s Pinball Wizard. But.. I kept going back to the historical military wargames and when the first Avalon Hill and SSI games came out for that Apple… there went my lawnmowing money! I felt I really understood History by gaming it.

Later, at Texas A&M, I found that by programming my Engineering problems in HP 41 assembly I finally got "underneath" the concepts sufficiently well to understand the math and physics.

Given all of that – you should also understand that I, like my wife and kids, are fanatic readers. Our house has a noticeable quantity of bookcases and more to the point – very high piles of books and magazines being circulated around the house. And the magazine recycling box goes to our Troops, the Library and the recycling folks on a monthly basis.

All in all I’d say I’m balanced on how I learn.

Therefore, it is a disappointment (but not a surprise) to hear that the Dept of Education AND the Media are spinning the following report. I am looking forward to seeing what the educational professionals say about this as it directly impacts my growing interest in Serious Games.

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