Simulation matters.

Simulation matters.
I run a small gaming company thatq publishes a set of air/naval wargames called Harpoon.  These have been around since 1989 and according to my emails, have been widely used, in secret, for training, education, and analysis in a variety of militaries around the world.
We have a Professional version that is being actively used in Australia and by Norhtrop Grumman here in the US.  We have several evaluations underway in other countries.
The problem we have always faced is the bureacracy wanting to treat us like any other Billion Dollar company.  Heck, our annual gross sales wouldn’t cover the expense of one private jet’s worth of execs at the Paris Air Show.  But that’s life.  We build agencies and they take on a life of their own.
However, with the rising cost of fuel, things are changing, and the "fuel" for such change is starting to surface:

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