We shipped Harpoon Commander’s Edition! and USNI Get the Gouge!

After  something like four years we FINALLY shipped Harpoon Commander’s Edition (HCE) with Matrix Games!  And we have posted our special edition USNI demo to help promote the new "Get The Gouge" site at USNI!
HCE was supposed to be a project that was painless, it turned out to be anything but……  And it wasn’t really a software issue, it was directly related to management and motivation.
If the Admiralty (that includes me) had made a different call – we’d be MUCH further ahead right now.  But it appears we made a bad call and by the time we reversed ourselves – we lost 2+ years of royalty income, goodwill, and untold stress at home (that would be MY home). So it’s out and we’ll see how it is received.  Work has been underway for several months on the next FREE update to that product so we hope that we’ll have a better community relationship on the HCE Side than we do on the H3 side of the house.
The USNI project consists of a specially modified version of the Harpoon 3 ANW engine, special database, special scenarios and the whole thing is locked down and timed out.  Strictly a demo to help support our friends at USNI.  That project was managed by Russel Sharp.  He did a very good job!
It still amazes me that some members of the H3 community think that the H3 game is theirs, as in THEY are the final authority, that THEY decide who can particpate, what the models should be, and how to contribute.  There is a fascinating lesson in Internet communities to be learned from all of that.  One day I hope to either publish a book (and I’ll name names then) and/or have the Sociology Department here at Texas A&M study the matter.
One of the things that is puzzling is the religious fanatisicm expressed by those folks.  There is one fellow who is attacking our integrity.  The very same person who took our IP and posted it on their website w/o my permission.  When confronted with the matter they claimed morale authority in doing so. 
There is another player who is frequently accused of stealing much of the works published by others, hacking it, and then presenting it as his own.  Everyone I’ve asked to examine the evidence agrees that it appears to be plagerized.  The problem is that my IP isn’t ripped off.  So where is the best place to apply pressure?
Now that USNI and HCE are out – I have time to sit down with an attorney and review some of these damaging antics.   Especially since I have documented financial harm to AGSI. 

3 Responses to We shipped Harpoon Commander’s Edition! and USNI Get the Gouge!

  1. Noah says:

    Congratulations!  I love the screenshots.  The UI looks intense.

  2. Henry says:

    hello,i love Harpoon!how get HCE in China ?

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