IE7 and Vista Ultimate – Why is it so unstable?

I’ve had Vista Ultimate up and running since early January on a brand new ASUS white box system that I purchased from NewEgg (great company btw).

I’ve upgraded all of my apps, some free, some fee (as a publisher I have no problem with paying for such a major leap).

But the one thing I’ve paid for, and keep paying for, is this frustrating excuse for a browser IE7.  Mind you I use IE7 on my XP SP2 Laptop all the time and other than rendering issues (the same ones that drive my TAMU and AGSI crews crazy when dealing with CSS), it works.  But low and behold, clean install or not, I can’t keep it running for more than 5 minutes or 2 sessions on this Vista rig.

I had to manually download via FTP command line Firefox in order to even update the machine (no kidding). In fact I’m writing this now w Firefox.

I’ve run diagnostics, I’ve Googled and LiveSearched and I figure I’ll just wait till Vista SP1 before doing anything rash. 

Argh!  I just had to get this off my chest. 


One Response to IE7 and Vista Ultimate – Why is it so unstable?

  1. Don R says:

    So after a bit of digging… don\’t move your TEMP directory nor your IE Temp directory w/o resetting the permissions for those new folders…. Failure to do so in Vista results in the above problems.
    I\’ve reset the security on those folders, applied SP1, and the system is ROCK SOLID.  I\’m actually thinking of updating my Dell D620 to Vista from XP on the next wipe….

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