Back to School

It’s a long story but I’m a REAL Aggie again, yep.  Tuition paying (ouch), class attending, ID card holding, Cotton Picking (?) Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 1984 and … 2011?
Right now I’m not officially in a grad program, but the plan is to enroll in the MS Architecture program with a Visualization speciality.  My thesis interest is connecting up simulations of the built environment, virtual worlds, and training.  To that end I’ve taken a building energy modeling course and am presently enrolled in a graduate course on Instructional Design. 
Based on the way they are trying to scare us, this is a real tough cookie of a course.  Not so much hard, but LOTS of course to take.  Mucho reading and writing and incrementally keeping up with your project.  Being a Project Manager, this won’t be the tough part.  Making time will be.Oh well, I got some sleep during the summer 😦
I’ll be blogging on the class quite a bit, and there are some interesting developments at the office regarding my Group’s growth and some changes to my responsibilities to boot.
And since this blog may count for some level of credit for the course, I’ll be more active!

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