Dell D620 and Microsoft VIsta – You’d think they would play together

I purchased a Dell D620 about two years ago and configured it to be Vista compatible.  The system even came with a coupon for a free upgrade to Vista.  I didn’t take advantage of that upgrade offer as the reviews weren’t too kind to Vista.  Last year I installed VIsta Ultimate SP1 on my home system and it is terrifc.  The home system is a White Box that I bult around ASUS parts from
So when my D620 starting overheating it also started corrupting the XP SP2 that was installed.  So after Dell replaced the motherboard, I had to rebuild the system.  I opted for Vista based on my experience at home and a need to test some apps using a Vista based computer.
Given the Vista Compatable configuration it seemed like a sure thing.  Install Vista, let it go shopping for the necessary drivers and go forward.
Turns out there are two problems with this.
1. Dell’s website really doesn’t point out that they want you to install 12 drivers in an exact order
2. Even after doing that during the 2nd full up install – the machine still will not function properly.
My symptoms are primarly the fact that any USB based keyboard or mouse screws up the input to the computer if it is plugged into a D/Dock, a D/Port, an unpowered USB hub or a powered USB Hub. PS/2 keyboard – no problem.  PS/2 keyboard with a USB adaptor – you get extra characters.
As this system is used for University business, I called my Dell sales rep and was placed in touch with a 2nd tier Dell Engineer.  They can’t reproduce the issue.  I did provide them with some links from others who have the problem and am now waiting to see how this works out… But I have to say, I"m looking at my external  hard disk with my Powerquest Drive Image backup and seriously thinking of dumping Vista and going back to my July 2007 image.
Other issues include the inability to undock the system and have it work redocked on my other dock.  You have to shut down.  HIbernate/sleep/undock – none of those work.  There is also the issue that the darn thing takes up to 5 minutes to find a published WiFi network. 

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