Star Trek – Review (no spoiler)

I’ve been a fan since the sixties and watched every episode of all five series and all ten movies. I was shocked that Enterprise was on UPN – and not surprised when it died (wrong demographc Paramount!). 

My 13 year old is looking at this from a different perspective. 

We saw it with my father and mother on Saturday afternoon and here’s our take:
1. I think the original franchise was pretty much done, a reboot and upgrade was necessary or all of us would be living in the past. The way this was handled gives us a new future.
2. My Son thinks it was a cheating.  I reminded him that Mr. Abrhams simply reprogrammed the simulation….. He didn’t like that but didn’t have a coherent response.
3. My folks thought it was ok, .my Dad thought it should have been darker and the characters weren’t as they should be.  Entertaining yes, canon  no.  To quote my dad, "Enjoyable, but it didn’t blow my socks off".  He was a bit disappointed.


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