Comparing Photo Watermarking Software

To protect Dr. Phil’s artwork, we are reducing the quality and adding water marks. The problem is that Infranview didn’t do what I wanted as far as picture watermarks. I looked at four other products: Batch Photo, BatchPhotoWatermarker, Visual Watermark, and PictureShark.

All have their strengths and weakness.  I don’t have time to make a pretty table but here is the short version:

I looked at the ability to change size and resolution, a full coverage watermark (graphical), multi-line text, auto scaling of watermarks, sub-directory processing, and the ability to add a border.

None of the products did them all.

Overall, I’d say that Batch Photo Watermark had the best features for my needs – but it wouldn’t handle 153 sub folders and won’t allow me to select just PNG within those folders.  In fact, it kept throwing an error (I’ve reported that to them).

Virtual Watermark has the ability to create PDF’s – which was a surprise.

Batch Photo and Picture Shark were the easist to use.


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