Google Docs & Sites – Defect Report

I’m sad to report that I’m being special and having block level issues with both Google Docs and Google Sites.

My problem with Google Sites is that my account can no longer manage the site. I set it up, shared it, and then suddenly, all of the sharing/ownership related links disappeared from the site menu. I can edit the site but that’s it. We asked for help in the Google Site Forum but alas after a few weeks – nadda.

My problem with Google Docs is the sharing of folders. Some friend have started a local brewery and they shared some of their biz docs with me via a folder. The folder appeared in My Shared Folders and all was well.

I then starting working with a group of NSF researchers on building an electronic energy engineering textbook. We setup a Site, a Group, and started uploading documents for Docs. I was trying to show the lead PI how to share a folder and it won’t work.

Her scenario is a Google Account w/ Gmail, sharing the folder with our Google Group.

I tried it with my Gmail address/account sharing a folder directly with her and that didn’t work.

We can dig around with the filters and sometimes find the documents, but not the folder.

I also had the misfortune of placing a shared document from the brewery (not anything confidential) into the test folder and I can not get the darn document OUT of the folder. Delete throws a warning, moving it doesn’t work either.

So now my assignment is to evaluate
1) Microsoft Live
2) Word Press with plug-ins.


Figures, I post this complaint and decided to try another experiment:

1. Removed the old shares in FF3

2. Accessed another Gmail account with Chrome

3. Shared test folder with my alias

4. Pulled up the email in Chrome (using my alias)

5. Saw the simple folder sharing screen with 2 documents (orphan doc is gone)

6. Went to Docs (in Chrome w Alias) and the folder appears as it should.


Using Chrome and a Gmail Google Account as the receiver.

Will now try with my Hotmail account and IE as the receiver.

Updated Jan 2011

We ended up manually adding each member of the team to the folder tree, and removing the Group.  Basically, Groups don’t work.

We stayed w Google Docs as it still has more functionality, for the least hosting hassle, of the other choices.



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