Head Fake – Chinese Registration Scam

The following showed up today (twice) on one of my domain aliases. As I have a very specific property, one that I don’t (knowingly) sell to the Chinese, I smelled a scam. A quick check of Google confirms my assessment::


The email showing such concern for my domains and IP:

Dear CEO,

We are a domain name registrar centre in Hong Kong which mainly deal with the domain name registration and dispute internationally, we have an important issue to confirm with you.

1. On the December 2, 2010, We received a formal application from a company named “<REDACTED> “who are applying to register”<redacted>”as domain names and Internet keyword.

2. During our preliminary investigation, we found that these Domain Names’ keyword is identical with your Trade Mark, this is why we inform you.

3. I wonder whether did you consigned”<REDACTED> “to register these Domain Names and Internet Keyword with us? Or is”<REDACTED> “your business partner?

4. If you do not have any relationship with this applicant, we assume that they have other purposes to obtain these Domain Names and Internet Keyword.

Currently, we have already postponed this company’s application temporarily. Pls let the relevant principal make a confirmation with me ASAP.

Best wishes,


Sponsoring Registrar: CHINA <REDACTED>
HongKong Office

The whole thing is a scam to get me to register a bunch of domains with them and possibly other fees and services that have no value to my firm, and probably most firms out there.

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