ITIL Certification Training

I just completed QuickCert’s ITIL v3 Foundations Training Course. It included about 25 hrs of video instruction, a book, and online testing tools with a certification simulator.

Overall, I have to say that I’m not too impressed. The video presentation was incomplete and the presenter went off on tangents every hour or so. He was trying to make a point, but alas would “push” onto the “stack” two, three or even four segways before returning to the ITIL point he was trying to make.

The video was lacking in charts, and I would have appreciated getting soft copies of the three to five key illustrations in addition to the book.

The book, an “official” ITIL publication, was ok to read and study.

When I started the online assessments, I found my knowledge had holes, due in some part to the QuickCert materials. I then accessed IEEE’s material’s (provided by Element-K) and some general web content, to fill in the holes. I then was able to work through the assessments and make a 91% on the certification simulator.

With that I went to take the exam for real. The bottom line was I made a 90% but let me tell you, if I hadn’t been working with v2 of ITIL for about eight years, I would NOT have made that score.

Of the questions asked, 50% were similar to the QuickCert, 25% were similar to the Element-K (or other materials) and 25% where from the bowels of the official books (which I do NOT have).

Thus, if you don’t have a lot of experience with ITIL, you may need to use more online resources and/or buy the official ITIL books. Using just QuickCert probably won’t cut it unless you have LOTS of experience.

I tried to share this feedback with QuickCert but they have yet to respond to my email nor a phone message.

They don’t offer PMP training, which is fine, I have this expectation that the vendor should seek feedback. This could be naive on my part.


5 Responses to ITIL Certification Training

  1. Don says:

    I have received an inquiry from QuickCert regarding their product. I’ll update this as we go forward.

  2. Mike Mykytyn says:

    Moving toward operations/data center management? Not that it doesn’t sound like something fun to do:)

  3. Don says:

    QuickCert just found my name in their internal system and tried to sell me more certs. I talked to the nice lady on the phone and she sent me a sampler of some sort. I looked at it (I’m looking at Security+ and Network+ to flush out my current knowledge) and looked at IEEE Computer’s offerings (already paid for). I wrote back and said “no thanks” and further that I wasn’t game for paying twice especially since I wasn’t too happy last time and QuickCert didn’t care.

    Well that got a response! I have what appears to be a VP asking for details on who/what/when/where with the stated purpose of making things right.

    As I don’t need/want to do business with them, I’m not sure what he can do to make things right by me, but he may be able to figure out what went wrong and prevent other customers from having issues…..

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