Reqline Requirement Management Tool

I’m now working 1/2 time with the central TAMU IT folks, specifically acting as Project Manager for the online IT Risk Assessment tool ISAAC.

As we are doing a green field redevelopment of the tool, and we have been asked to make the actual project a valid example of software development done right, we needed to keep all of our requirements straight.

One of the issues was tracking who wanted what and why.  That way we could better handle the human aspect of Requirements proactively.

We started with MS One Note (lovely tool btw) but tracking requirements from the Stakeholders was going to run into a bog.

It’s true you can create a tab/sub-tab layout for stakeholder and groups, there was the issue of mapping who asked for what and how we prioritized it using MoSCoW….

Since OneNote can only handle one tag per item, we are going to run out of tags…

Enter: Reqline Requirement Management Tool.

This is a free MS Access based tool that has just the magic combination of features and ease of use that we were able to learn it and put it to use for our project.

There are some gotcha’s, which I’ll report when I write up the defect report for the publisher, but considering it is FREE, multi-user and Windows based… it’s quite useable.


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