Droid 4

Got my Droid 4 on Friday as a replacement to my Droid 1.

Likes: Fast, sexy, good call quality.
Dislikes: WiFi and G4/GSM keep dropping out. Verizon bloatware.

Issues: Sometime after the D1 the hard buttons got re-arranged. That’s taking some effort on my part. Google Marketplace – the apps in my Library say installed, even when you add a 2nd device. That is a pain as you have to go through and click to re-install on the new device. The microSD card from the D1 fits, but doesn’t work on the D4.

I see the potential and will work with Best Buy to get the radios working. Oddly enough the Blue Tooth worked on the one pairing and call I made to the car..


One Response to Droid 4

  1. Mike Mykytyn says:

    Dumped my Droid for an Iphone 4s. Still not sure if Siri doesn’t anything that useful but everything else is amazing. Transitioning everything over was a snap.

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