Robo calls from fake numbers that you can’t stop!

Body of email sent to my elected federal representatives.

Check with your staff and your family members and I’ll bet that they can tell you about automated calls claiming to have reviewed their credit files and offering lower interest credit card loans…. The fact that the numbers are on the DO NOT CALL list doesn’t matter. Turns out seeing the number on caller ID doesn’t matter. Why?

The bad guys are using computers to dial over the internet with FAKE telephone numbers. Lord help the poor person whose number gets faked (it’s called spoofing) as they probably get a lot of really upset folks calling them back to speak their minds.

Basically, Verizon says they have no power to trace or block these calls. The FCC can’t do anything without a legitimate phone number.

My online research indicates that this is a NATIONAL problem and the bad guys are well aware of their illegal and irritating activities. One
posting I found basically was a repeat of my attempt to nicely ask the callers to cease and desist. The best outcome is a hang up, the common one is a laugh, and the worst one was claimed to be “you, the government and your lawyers can’t stop us!”. I can’t verify that but you get the
picture. While the lost minutes don’t amount much to me, they may for others of lesser means. The hassle of calling our carriers to report each
fake number is not worth it.

What I want you to do is to require that the cell phone carriers give us the option of blocking calls that originate over the Internet. If we want
internet calls, we’ll setup Skype or Google or Vontage to receive them if we opt into such a program. It would a nice thing for Congress to do in
an election year to show you care… And it won’t cost the government a penny!

Such a deal!


3 Responses to Robo calls from fake numbers that you can’t stop!

  1. txaggiese says:

    Response 1:
    Dear Friend:
    Thank you for contacting me regarding telemarketing practices. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

    On March 11, 2003, former President George W. Bush signed the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act into law. This legislation provided funding for the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation that requires a telemarketer to display its name and a working telephone number on caller identification devices, and prohibits the use of any method to block or alter such a display.

    In 2008, the FTC rule also established a national do-not-call list where consumers may register their phone numbers and opt out of receiving telemarketing calls. Under the law, telemarketers who call those restricted phone numbers face severe fines and sanctions. An exception is made in the case of already-established business relationships. Specifically, a business may call its consumer for up to eighteen months after his or her last transaction even if the consumer lists his or her number with the national do-not-call registry. More information about telemarketing restrictions and the national do-not-call registry are available at

    Federal Courts have since affirmed the do-not call registry. In October 2004, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the Federal Appeals’ Court ruling, thus finalizing the legality of the do-not-call list.

    I appreciate hearing from you, and I hope that you will not hesitate to contact me on any issue that is important to you.

    Kay Bailey Hutchison
    United States Senator

  2. Not sure about blocking internet calls, as I us VOIP and I am guessing that would stop those calls. In the past month I have received over 24 calls from different numbers on my cell and several more on my land line. When you call back the number is fake. When you answer the phone there is no one there. What a pain. The solution is government intervention, but the government is closed. 🙂

  3. TX Aggie PM says:

    An update: First, when I wrote the FCC on this matter they told me it wasn’t their jurisdiction, rather I was to contact the Department of Commerce as the callers are “selling” something. More likely trying to steal something…

    Second, these cockroaches seem to use the same fake number for multiple attempts to your house. Therefore call blockers will reduce, but not eliminate, these calls. The one I have supports a 2 key sequence on my wireless phone so we can block the call from any phone in the house without going to the call blocking device. A link to Amazon’s offerings here:

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