Netflix drops Stargate Atlantis – with little warning

My son and I watched all of Stargate together on Netflix.  It was the reason we kept the subscription.  We then started in on Stargate Atlantis this summer.  We went on vacation, came back and it was GONE.

Now, I should write Netflix of my displeasure and if I don’t find anything else to watch I will cancel my subscription.  After all, I buy enough stuff at Amazon that Amazon Prime is starting to look appealing.

Considering that NEW movies haven’t really come to Netflix and that I think I read an article that Amazon, RedBox and Google are starting to eat Netflix’s lunch…. Stands to reason that Netflix may end up with the same fate as Blockbuster in time.  Their splitting of the company certainly didn’t go over well (in case you were on vacation – their CEO tried to split the company between the streaming and the DVD rental activities, I think he reconsidered).

So as far as complaining to Netflix, good luck with that.  Seems that you can ONLY contact them via their 800 number.  Well after 20 min on hold, I gave up on that BS.  I’m going to try one more time with my magic subscriber number handy (I didn’t enter it quickly enough) and see if that gets me a human who can record my complaint in such a way that a data warehouse captures the quantity of complaints and gets Netflix to reconsider.  And while I’m at it – I’ll ask for Babylon 5 too!

Have you ever tried to watch B5 on the WB streaming?  It’s amazing to see the same commercial, back to back, every 5 minutes.  Wasn’t worth it.  I started looking for alternatives.


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