More on H&R Block’s At Home Business

I ended up doing a NEW return w/o importing anything.  About four hours later I was done.  During the excercise I saved, and I backed up.  The software allows you to specify a backup path for a .ATX file.  I haven’t tried restoring one of those yet.

I did find that choosing the Texas Public Information Form crashed the software when you select it from the Forms Dialog.  And I found that navigating back to the 1120S was problematic in order to see what the basic numbers looked like.

Anyway, I’m done, after investing four or more unnecessary hours on this POS.

As noted by the earlier comment, the regular software is better in most aspects so I’ll suffer through this return and will not lightly forget this year when I purchase software for 2013’s returns.

PS – If you’ll scroll through this blog, you’ll see this isn’t the first set of issues I’ve had with the software nor the vendor…..


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