Just Discovered “Discover” – including Quicken Step Update issues

Our college student son needed a different credit card for his out of pocket expenses so I didn’t have to do forensic accounting on our usual card each month. I picked a Discover Card and was pleased with the painless sign up and nearly instant delivery of the cards.  These people are actually friendlier than USAA.  The only downside is that the card is not accepted in as many places as Visa or MasterCard.

I ran into trouble connecting the account to Quicken 2011.  While the Quicken account addition wizard was happy to take my maximum length, maximum complexity credentials, it refused to finish the wizard when it was time to pick the type of account I wanted to add to Quicken.  True, in the 2011 product the first question the wizard asks is what kind of account, but when you are asked again, selection (or failure to select) any of the choices results in an error and you can’t go on.

I did some quick searches in Quicken and realized that the Credit Card company’s are more responsive I called Discover.  A very short wait and a cheerful young lady offered to do what she could.  Turns out there are different rules for Quicken’s credential handling of a Discover card than is possible via the web…

The rules are:  Username < 12 characters, Password < 16 characters and no SPECIAL CHARACTERS allowed.  So I made some changes and Viola!

Frankly, in these times that just screams “STEAL ME FIRST” but I suppose that risk is really borne by Discover (and not Intuit unfortunately).



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