Reflections on Amazon Prime – is it Bait and Switch or just a lack of caring?

I wish I had a friend who was an attorney.  Then I could ask them the following question.  “If I offer a product as part of a pre-paid package, am I allowed to start charging for that product during the existing term of my package and may I start charging without any warning?”.

Thus the point of this post is that I was finishing off the “Caprica” series on Amazon Prime. I had about 3 episodes to go when I was suddenly presented with a requirement to pay for $1.99 per episode to finish the season.  I had no warning, no notification, and my Prime subscription was not up for another 45 days.  I have notified Amazon NOT to renew my PRIME subscription and contacted customer service and filed a verbal complaint.   My $100/year will now go to Netflix and I will try to buy as many products as possible from vendors OTHER than Amazon when possible – even if the price is a bit higher.

I am not naive in this – I am certain that buried deep in the Terms of Use is the phrase that Amazon may add or subtract content at any time, for any reason, without warning and that I have forsaken all recourse against them.  Alas, I do have this venue and Facebook.

Given the massive computing power that is Amazon, why can’t they push a notification or display a warning when we log in to watch the next installment instead of making us go the Watch List using a PC to try to catch a 3 week warning posted there?  “Dear, I’ll put the next episode on after I check to see if we are about to loose this show”. Really?

There is a trend here, I have previously posted on how Netflix pulled another series I was watching without notice.  So it is just a matter of who disappointed me most recently 😦



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