How to Create a Listing of a PowerPoint Deck’s Slide Titles

Did you ever want to have a listing of JUST the titles for your slide deck in a Word document or printed out? Apparently this is not a common requirement, but it is one that I have had on several occasions of late. My scenario is that in preparing decks with 40-120 slides to support professional education classes, I often want a catalog or table of contents for my decks presented in a compact manner.

Normally, an experienced user would go to Outline view in PowerPoint and then copy and paste into MS Word. Alas, the text comes over without any styling attributes so you can’t then collapse the outline and print….

After a bit of fiddling in PowerPoint 2013 I realized that the outline view in PowerPoint still supports a “Collapse All” feature when you right click on a slide title in the outline view. By collapsing the slides you can now print or copy/paste JUST the titles 🙂


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