Cycling – Update

I’m about to register for the MS 150 which means fund raising and lots of hours in the saddle.  Good thing I like cycling !

So far I’ve learned that a fitting is a must and so is proper clothing when you are out in 40 deg temps for 2-3 hours.  I’m trying out different foot wear in an attempt to keep my tootsies warm – so far “socks” from Gore coupled with toe covers and wool sock liners worked “ok” in 40 degrees. I have a better quality shoe “cover” that I’ll try with my winter grade Smart Wool socks soon.  My Brooks running tights work fine for cycling.  I also picked up a Gore jacket with removable sleeves.  it’s actually too warm in the upper 40’s – unless it is raining and in the 40’s… then it will get soaked after a while but you will stay warm.  I also love my Gore skull cap – goes over my head but under my helmet.  Absolutely works wet or dry.

I haven’t done anything interesting to the bike – just had adjustments made, replaced the stem, handlebars and seat.  That has eliminated all back, knee and neck pain.  Still working on the hands.

Endurance wise I can do 35 mi at 15mph which is a good starting point.


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