Training Update

I’ve committed to the MS 150 in 2016 and have a link below to my fund raising page.

I’m doing two rides a week. A 25 mi/15mph ride with AggieLand Cycling and another ride at least that long with my TAMU professor buddy. This last Sunday we did 37 miles at 14.5 mph. I was functional but tired after.

My big battle right now is keeping my toes from turning either blue (cold) or white (no circulation). I’ve tried Pearl Izumi toe covers, wool cycling socks, wool hiking socks, hiking liners and as of this morning – full blown neoprene shoe covers.

For 38 deg temps I wear leggings over my cycling shorts, a Merino wool base layer under a Gore jacket, a Gore head cover (under helmet), some Bontrager winter gloves w thinsulate. All of those body parts are FINE! But even with the Enduro covers – my feet froze.

Ok, maybe not quite as bad as usual but the toes were NOT happy. What is also interesting is that my socks were soaked top to bottom. For my first outing I put my leggings down to the shoe and put the covers over the shoes and thus over the leggings. My socks had no effective way to breathe. I’m going to try rolling up the leggings and unzipping the backs of the covers to see if keeping my foot dry will help. I doubt that will matter.

I’m thinking about electric socks next…..

Other updates include switching from my old Nike+ Sport watch to a Tom Tom MultiSport (returned) to a Garmin Forerunner 910XT .

The Tom Tom had all the right features but I had fits getting it setup w/o the awesome and prompt Tom Tom technical support. However, the handlebar retaining strap broke (just like the Amazon reviews said it would) and the cadence sensor shut down after but a few rides. Coupled with some problems with the backlight and problems transferring large data sets to my phone (via BlueTooth) and I received an RMA.

The Garmin is interesting. Yes, it is 3-4 yr old tech, but it is professional grade tech. The functionality is solid and I love the fact that the watch shows my heart rate after I suspend or stop a ride. The four customizatable screens are awesome! Ok, the annotations are a bit small for my eyes but I can memorize what I put where and get by w that. I’ll be adding the speed and cadence sensors to the bike shortly.

The website is pretty good and after a few minutes of prodding I did get the Strava connection to work.

Regarding my MS 150 link…. please consider a small donation!


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