Verizon needs to fess up regarding the Moto Lap Dock 500

April 28, 2012

I have had one of these bad boys on order since Feb 25, 2012. The supervisors aren’t even sure what their inventory status says. Something about the system normally says “out of stock”, like the website says here:

yet, their system shows “out of inventory”. They don’t seem to know what that means.

I think it means Verizon put the bad boy on sale, cleaned out inventory, and has no incentive to re-order from Moto.

Damn shame too, the product looked to be a game changer, but then again, that isn’t Verizon’s strength. They are conservative in their approach, which is why they are stable and reliable. All good.

Just miffed I couldn’t get my Lap Dock as it would have been the perfect pair to my Droid 4 when traveling. One set of licenses, full screen, keyboard, extended battery, USB, sweetness.


Droid 4

February 13, 2012

Got my Droid 4 on Friday as a replacement to my Droid 1.

Likes: Fast, sexy, good call quality.
Dislikes: WiFi and G4/GSM keep dropping out. Verizon bloatware.

Issues: Sometime after the D1 the hard buttons got re-arranged. That’s taking some effort on my part. Google Marketplace – the apps in my Library say installed, even when you add a 2nd device. That is a pain as you have to go through and click to re-install on the new device. The microSD card from the D1 fits, but doesn’t work on the D4.

I see the potential and will work with Best Buy to get the radios working. Oddly enough the Blue Tooth worked on the one pairing and call I made to the car..