TaxAct – I found my tax software!!

February 27, 2014

Am entering the very last entries for our fairly complicated personal income tax and I have to say TaxAct has taken much of the pain out of the process. And so far, they have not lost any data… Much more than I can say for H&R Block At Home. I haven’t needed to talk to Support yet so I can’t compare their integrity to H&R Block’s false promises.

Another interesting comparison is the TaxAct is constantly asking for feedback, I don’t recall H&R Block ever doing that…. Maybe because management didn’t want to hear what they already knew…..


H&R Block – final notes

April 21, 2013

For the record, on the last call to H&R Block I did receive a call back from a native English speaking support rep who was quite professional.  However, she confirmed I was SOL on getting any data back from the last data loss (basically that was both Schedule C sub forms).  I also noted several more updates occurred between then and when I finally pushed the submit button.

The IRS immediately accepted the return and I received my refund within about 2 weeks (wow!).

I have started looking for new software and with the help of TopTenSoftware Reviews I’m leaning towards TaxAct.  I see from Facebook that I have one trusted techy friend who uses it and I will be asking them all about their prep experience next week.

Meanwhile, I don’t think H&R Block gets it.  Given I looked up TaxAct on BBB, I have to wonder if I can/should make the time to turn in my comments on H&R Block….