Brazos Valley Computer Musuem

November 1, 2013

Brazos Valley Computer Musuem

Some of you may know that there is a “secret” computer collection in downtown Bryan.  Thanks to the good folks at Astin Partners/Fiber Town and McLane Intelligent Solutions, we are working towards putting the collection on public display by March 2014.

While some of you greybeards have actually WORKED on this stuff, the younger generation may get a kick out of grandpa’s Z80 or Travan tape cartridge.


We need people with:

  1. SUV’s/Pickups to help move the collection in late January (on a weekend).
  2. Carpentry skills to help dis-assemble, move and re-assemble the cabinets.

And we need:

  1. Folks to form a steering committee to help maintain the collection, label, help rotate the gear, be docents on First Friday’s, etc.
  2. Donations of RARE older computers/software/manuals/media.  We just received an Osborne 1 from Sam DerTatevasion.
  3. Maybe more cabinets to hold the media and software packages?

If you are interested please contact me via a comment!


Poor Apple, they can’t even help themselves

April 24, 2012

First, most of the forms on this page ( are broken, they are missing input fields, or give a Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.

Makes it hard to report trademark issues to you if you don’t have a working site.

Second, this site looks like an Apple site, right down to the Favicon (grey Apple) but is NOT:

I was confused, they use similiar art, layout, fonts, and word style.  They ask for your email and cell phone number.