How to move an iBook from DropBox to iPad using a PC

April 24, 2012

iTunes Book Instructions Step by step instructions on moving an iBook sample from DropBox to an iPad when all you have is a PC.

Information is provided soley to facilitate academic uses, such as our work to create a complete iBook that will be distributed via iTunes Store.   Our team needed to distribute a prototype chapter for feedback and this was the fastest, cheapest way to do it.


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Online backup tools

September 16, 2011

After several years of using Carbonite, I decided I would try another online backup tool. Some quick searching revealed that PC Magazine preferred SOS Backup over Carbonite.

So, with 30 days left on my Carbonite subscription, I un-installed Carbonite, and purchased a 50gb subscription to SOS. Glad I overlapped, because at this point – I’m going to ask for a refund.

System is an older dual core 2.33 Ghz Intel w 4Gb of RAM, hardware RAID1 230Gb data drives and a single 130Gb boot drive running Win7x64 Ultimate. I’m on Suddenlink Cable with a 512mb

It’s been left in high performance mode, no sleep, no hibernate, for 3 days and the SOS package is still working away at a 42Gb backup.

** And now for the rest of the story **

I did get in touch w SOS tech support and they were quite nice but ineffective.  I requested my money back and received it promptly.  A senior engineer/manager contacted me and wanted to see what he could do for me to give them another shot.  Due to my schedule, I can consider trying them in October.  In the meantime I renewed Carbonite.  It’s not as feature rich as SOS but on my particular system – it works!  I also appreciate that Carbonite appears to be adding features due to the competition, but doing so in a conservative fashion.  At the end of the day – this product catagory either works or it doesn’t.  There is no “almost”.

If I get a chance to try out SOS again I’ll post that experience.